JBridge 0.40b released

– Fixed crash with some plugins when closing main host’s dummie gui window with the auxhost’s gui window open.
– LargeAddressAware compiler flag enabled for the x86 version of the auxhost.
– Improved auxhost error handling.
– back to the default “Where’s the gui” button in the dummie editor ( auxhost editor window still gets closed when dummie editor is closed )
– added a 64bit version of the auxhost for bridging 64bit plugins to 32bit hosts (please check readme.txt for instructions on how to use).
– fixed a problem with the bootstrap dll which caused it not to be recognized by some hosts ( Thanks, Brad. 😉 )
Warning: users of version 0.3x should update their bootstrap dll’s (plugin_name.xx.dll)

– fixed wrong GUI opening issue when using several bridged plugins.


~ by J on March 23, 2009.

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