jBridge v1.04 released

jBridge v1.04:

– slightly reduced memory usage.
– fixed messed up characters in program/parameter names with some hosts.
– Added check to guarantee that strings are within the maximum size defined in the SDK ( for the relevant operations ).
– Fixed “Buffer Exists” error with some hosts.
– New OpenGL based GUI for the proxy dlls, resolving the infamous first boot hang issue with Cubase5.
– Fixed empty program names on project reload with some plugins.
– Other minor fixes.

jBridger tool updated to v1.05:
– fixed bug where plugins ended in *64.dll or *32.dll were excluded from the file preparation.
– fixed issue where the bridging confirmation dialog would appear on background.

note to all the users:

The manual is still from v1.03( I forgot to update it), please ignore the part refering to the first boot hang issue with Cubase, which is now solved.

note to registered users:

For reasons beyond my control ( mailboxes over quota, spam filters, etc ) updates often fail to be delivered to some users. If you haven’t received your v1.04 update please contact me.

~ by J on September 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “jBridge v1.04 released”

  1. Best US$28 I ever spent!

  2. 😉 Thanks

  3. Thanks J, you are genius! Keep on the great work.
    Cheers, Peter

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