jBridge v1.15 released

– some more code optimizations.
– fixed an issue with Epicverb (and possibly other plugins), which caused its settings not to be loaded correctly and a bunch of white noise in some hosts.
– fixed ocasional opcode 13 failure with the combination of some systems/hosts/plugins.
– Fixed GUI not displayed problem in some systems.
– Added a new option: “Dirty close”. This does exactly what it means and it’s intended for bridged plugins that for some reason have problems when they’re removed ( you should only enable this option if nothing else works ).
– Manual updated.
– Other minor fixes/changes.

jBridger tool updated to v1.07:
– fixed an issue with single file selection where dll’s ended in “64” wouldn’t be recognized.
– Will now attempt to find the default VST plugin path ( for 32bit plugins ).

(  note to registered users: If you don’t receive your update in the next 24 hours – until Nov. 3rd – please contact me. )

~ by J on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “jBridge v1.15 released”

  1. João

    Could jBridger be made to:

    1. Make the destination folder structure follow the folder structure in the source?
    UAD installs their plugins in a ‘Powered Plugins’ folder, but jBridger just puts everything in the base destination folder.

    2. Exclude files by patterns?
    Say iZ*.* to exclude iZotope plugins which install both 64 and 32bit versions.
    The patterns would need to be remembered between jBridge updates.

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