jBridge v1.16 released

jBridge v1.16:
– fixed time info issues with some hosts.
– some internal code re-arrangement.
– fixed window error problem with some hosts with the integrated GUI mode.
– fixed crash that could occur with Kore2 when its “morph” function was used.
– other minor changes/enhancements.

jBridger tool updated to  v1.11b:
– Added “Thorough file checking” option – checks if files are really VST plugins instead of just relying on their extension.
– Added “Replicate sub-directory structure in destination folder” option – as stated, it will replicate the directory structure of the origin folder in the destination folder, if applicable.
– Now shows the file that it’s currently examining for better user guidance.
– Some minor cosmetical changes.

( note to registered users: if you don’t receive your update in the next 24h please contact me )

~ by J on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “jBridge v1.16 released”

  1. J,

    The folder replication seems to have a bug, in that instead of processing only the CONTENTS of the source folder into the target folder, jBridger INCLUDES the source folder in the target.

    That is, if the source folder is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins
    and the target is:
    C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins.jBridge
    the folder with the processed folders and files is:
    C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins.jBridge\VSTPlugins

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