jBridge v1.18 released

jBridge v1.18:

– Fixed a problem which could cause cpu spikes with some plugins like melodyne.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an invalid window handle with the integrated GUI mode.
– Fixed no sound with FXpansion Fusion ( DCAM ).
– Better settings file internal handling.
– Added a new option to switch between the integrated and the separated GUI mode ( requires plugin reload ).
– Revised user manual.
– Other minor fixes / changes.
(  note to all the registed users: If you don’t receive your update in the next 24h please contact me  )

~ by J on January 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “jBridge v1.18 released”

  1. Thank’s Joao, this works great! The Cubase VST-bridge kept on crashing but now, thanks to jBridge, it all works (IK Multimedia, Toontrack etc)!

  2. Hi J, Bought jbridge about three weeks ago (it was recommended in Sound and Sound). My i7 975 xtreme computer is now very very happy because all my 32bit plugins can now access the 12Gb ddr3 rams I have. I noticed all version 1 updates, upgrades are free. Which means I’ll have to buy v2 when it comes out (very clever). Anyway as a happy customer I’ll buy whatever ever version because unlike Steinberg Media, you deliver. Respect and thanx for allowing me to work stress free and in DAW heaven.

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