jBridge v1.4 released

jBridge 1.4:

– fixed no sound problem with some plugins.
– fixed hang that could happen with several plugins hosted in the same auxhost, when some where using the “integrated GUI mode” and others the “separated GUI mode”.
– compatibility tweaks added for more versions of WaveShell’s.
– added a button to quickly edit the settings file in the settings dialog.
– fixed garbled audio problem with some hosts.
– tweaked compiler performance options.
– fixed machine-gun-like sound problem with Nomad-Phaser ( and possibly other effects ).
– Fixed problem where settings would not be saved with some plugins.
– Fixed issue where changing the patch in the plugin’s GUI would not update the current patch in the main host’s preset selector.
– Fixed VST SDK version incorrectly reported.
– Fixed issue with plugins that use the audioMasterTempoAt opcode.
– Compatibility/Performance enhancements for automation handling.
– Other minor fixes/improvements.

For faster future updates (above 1.4) and beta versions, a new section will be available here:


Note to all registered users: if you don’t receive your update in the next 24h ( check the spam folder if needed) please contact me.

more info here

~ by J on November 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “jBridge v1.4 released”

  1. Thank you for all your work.
    I will test this new version and let you know.
    Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much for your work, many of my favourite plugins would be useless without jBridge!

    It’s almost Christmas so have a peaceful and happy one,

    Mauri Berg.

  3. Fantastic update. At last, Hypersonic doen’t crash anymore and now runs stable on version 1.4 within my Studio One on Windows 32bit.
    Thank you so much….

  4. Such a great tool! Now all my good old 32bit – VST – Plugins working perfect on cubase 6.0.
    I was really afraid to replace all my VST´s before i´ve found this awesome tool! Respect to delevoper, keep on this great work 🙂

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