Custom MIDI Auto-Harmonizer


Custom MIDI Auto-Harmonizer is a tool designed with composers and live performers in mind. It allows you to generate harmonized notes in real time, according to the scale specified by the detected chord. You can define your own harmonization tables, according to your needs.


Users of modular hosts can set up multiple=

Users of modular hosts can set up multiple CMAH’s for generating multiple harmonies from a single MIDI source.

A demonstration version of this tool can be downloaded here :

(32bit and 64bit versions are included in the package)

Pre-defined harmonization tables are set up by default,  nevertheless, please read the included manual to take full advantage of its features.


A licensed full version of this tool costs 9.99€.

( All future v1.x updates are free )

Buy now

To purchase a full licensed version, click the button above (credit card or Paypal payment options are available), or make a Paypal payment of 9.99€ to e, referring your first and last name, and your e-mail address. You will receive a full copy in your email soon ( Please note: Since all the orders are processed manually, a few hours may pass until you receive yours, thank you for your understanding ).

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