About integrating a bridged plugin’s editor window in your DAW

This section contains some notes about the option “plugin host’s window in client area”, present in jBridgeM v0.8x and above.

Enabling this option will make the plugin’s window remain above the DAW’s window designated to host the native plugin’s editor, whose size will match the plugin’s editor size.


The window will just ( or will try to ) stay in front of the DAW all the time and follow the position of the DAW’s window designated to place the native plugin’s editor.

In this mode:

1) You can’t move the bridged plugin’s window by dragging its own title bar, you’ll always need to drag the DAW window designated for the plugin instead.

2) The title bar is kept because you may need to use it to close the bridged plugin’s window, either to access jBridgeM’s options again, or specially, because if the main host pops up any warning window ( for example, if you exit it without saving ),
it may stay behind the bridged plugin’s window, and without this title bar to close it, a lock situation would be created.

3) Some hosts will hide the plugin’s window ( its own ) if you switch to another process ( ie, when you operate a bridged plugin ). The only solution is to click back into the DAW main window after operating the bridged plugin’s GUI to make it show again.

4) This mode may not work correctly if your DAW is running in full screen mode.

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