PluginFlipFlop is a tool intended to be used with jBridge/jBridgeM.

Ideally, you should never need this, but I came up with this idea after a terrible live session where my DAW kept hanging/crashing due to a problematic untested combination ( It’s always a bad idea to prepare things the hour before ).

So, I thought it would be useful to have something that could have a second plugin ready to replace one that for some reason stops working, or even try to recover it. I added some extra features while making it, like for example a global console window where you can see notifications about the contained plugin’s status.


What it does:

– Can load VST 2.x plugins inside of it ( only those, currently ).
– Available as a AU/VST fx/synth.
– Can try to recover a crashed plugin ( it will restore the last saved settings in your DAW ). You can also set a 2nd plugin to be switched to if something goes wrong.


– “Auto-crash recovery” should be off. I would recommend that you keep a second plugin ready with the “Auto-switch plugin” option on, and if something goes wrong, manually recover and switch back to the main one. The “Edit” button will become a “Recover” button if needed.

Since JUCE is an awesome library, I was able to easily produce AU and VST versions of this, without having to code everything from scratch ( Just some bits here and there ).

Mac OS X users ( 10.6 – 10.12 ) : This will open the jBridgeM bridging files folder by default when you press the “Load new” button. Unzip and place AU versions in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components:
and VST versions in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST.

Windows users : Place these in a VST folder of your choice.

Use the Synth version to load instruments and the FX version to load effects.

Download from Dropbox

Your feedback is welcome!

v1.0 changelog:

– better crash monitoring/recovery procedure.
– now remembers console window size / position.
– should not crash anymore when plugins with more than 2 inputs are added (FX version ).
– eliminated sound noise that could be produced when no plugin was loaded.
– delay compensation added.
– some tweakings in the plugin native editing stuff.
– tempo changes, etc, now set correctly in hosted plugins.
– plugin’s binary data now saved correctly.

v1.0.1 changelog:
– should not crash anymore when plugins with more than 2 outputs are added (synth version ).

– Shell plugins should now be properly supported.
– Up to 1024 automation parameters are now routed into the active plugin


– several bug fixes.
– you can now import/export your settings per instance ( see the import/export buttons ).

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