jBridge v1.1 released

Changelog (from v1.04):

– Plugin’s GUI can now be fully integrated with the main host ( optionally, the previous separated GUI implementation can still be used ).

– Fixed audio glitches in offline processing.

– Fixed an incorrect resource deallocation that was being made in the effSetChunk operation.

– Installer no longer overwrites the auxhost default settings file.

– other minor internal changes.

– Revised user manual.

jBridger tool updated to 1.06:

– user can now select a single *.dll file only too (useful for adding a new plugin).

~ by J on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “jBridge v1.1 released”

  1. J, a suggestion, though you have probably thought of it:

    Enable bridging across ethernet, al la FX-Teleport.

    FX-Teleport will never be 64bit, as the Russion developer, Max, is off the radar and the FX-Max site is a ghost town.

    • One issue is how to handle orphan VST(i)s, such as when the slave is not online. Would it be possible to have a default local resource (of equivalent function, of course)? Which brings up mismatched parameters which would probably need to be at defaults, or at settings defined with the local stub for use in such a case.

      I would imagine for sychronisation across multiple remote VST(i)s, there would need to be a master service on each of the slave machines and the DAW host.

      • Or provide mapping functions between local and remote parameters.
        Becoming more complex, isn’t it?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t bother with substitutions!

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