How to use jBridgeM (for Mac OS X) – a detailed walkthrough ( rev 1.0 )

Note: This guide is for jBridgeM ( Mac OS X ). If you’re looking for instructions on how to use jBridge ( for Windows ), please click here.

In this example, I’ll be doing 32bit to 32bit bridging, using energyXT ( 32bit ) and Sylenth1 ( 32bit ) – Click the images to see them in full size, if needed.

First, run the jBridgeM tool:

1- Choose your bridging options, by default, it will only look for 32bit plugins in the mentioned locations:

If you’re using it for the first time, I recommend starting with one plugin at a time ( which is what I’ll be doing in this example ), by selecting the following option:

This way, it will be possible to select a single ( or only a few ) plugins from any location of your choice.

2 – After that, click “I’ll be using a 32bit VST host” or “I’ll be using a 64bit VST host” to prepare the needed files. In this example I am using energyXT, which is 32bit, so I’ll click on “I’ll be using a 32bit VST host”.

Since I also enabled the option “Don’t scan directories mentioned above, I want to choose some plugins only”, a file browser will prompt. In this example, I’ll be selecting Sylenth1.

3 – In the end, you’ll see in the bottom the location where the bridging files were created, showing you the path where the bridging files were created ( in this example, the user’s name is “dude” ).

4 – Now start your VST host, and add the mentioned path to its scanning folders, if needed. This will depend of the VST host you’re using (some will already scan that path by default, others won’t), so please consult its documentation if you’re unsure on how to do this. In energyXT’s case, the final step will be like this:

17 Responses to “How to use jBridgeM (for Mac OS X) – a detailed walkthrough ( rev 1.0 )”

  1. Thanks J – very clear!

  2. Thanks! Installs plugins exactly as described. Helped keep some of my oldies running. 🙂

  3. Good to go, this software is a blessing!! 🙂

  4. OMG I Just Wrapped Hypersonic 2 And Others Into Maschine And its running very smooth Thank You

  5. Awasome!!! You are GENIUS =) …thnx!

  6. Now I can run my IK plugins in DP8 – Thanks man!

  7. nice work dude…

  8. Just bought this. J, you are the best! The program works perfectly and its very easy to use! My vst’s don’t lag at all, definitely worth buying guys !

  9. Nice Work J. glad to find this programme ! Thnx alot ..

  10. 1 class! now i can star making tunes 😀 thx

  11. Thanks so much man! Most useful software I have encountered other than AL9 and Sylenth1 😀

  12. Well, after several screw-ups on my part I got it working. It was easy once I stopped panicking. So, guess I’ll just have to pay like a good lad. Thanks for creating this app.

  13. this software saves the day!!!! Thank you so much!

  14. just bought it, helped me recovering old projects that could not open with updated osx and daw

  15. Take my money now 😉 Next step – running Win-only VSTs in MacOS ;)))

  16. This is a lifesaver for bringing in 32bit VSTs in Reason 10. I hadn’t seen my old friends for a long time. 🙂 Thank you.

  17. thank you

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